Distribution details

1. Initial liquidity pool 1%

There is no pre-sale, no whitelist, so no one holds tokens before the token launch, including the team itself. 100,000,000 tokens are allocated during the launch phase and will be added to the liquidity pool at a super low price. Everyone will have a fair chance to get MELEE.

2. DAO Governance 33%

DAO governance has been the direction of our exploration, which is also in line with the philosophy of Rarity’s design. Co-creation, co-build, co-governance and sharing. Our governance token is veMELEE, which will be acquired by the person holding the MELEE. A total of 3,300,000,000 MELEE is supported, and these tokens are used in a way that the MELEE holders decide how they want to use them. This will facilitate the development of the Monster game and the expansion of the Rartiy ecosystem.

3. Game 10%

Players are always the core of the game, they can get reward via finishing main tasks, dungeon adventures, daily missions, periodic events, etc.

4. Liquidity maker 35%

Users can generate LPs by pledging single coins or trading pairs to add liquidity to MELEE. after generating LPs, pledged LPs will be rewarded with MELEEs. LPs represent the credentials for liquidity providers to redeem their assets and receive rewards. Also locking in single coin MELEE for different times also gives access to governance tokens veMELEE. veMELEE can be used to increase the percentage of LPs in addition to voting rights to gain excess pledge rewards.

Up to 3,500,000,000 MELEEs would be preserved for liquidity maker as bonus, which are released through a three-year period in accordance with the curve. Of this amount, 20% is allocated to MELEE single currency pledges and 80% is allocated to MELEE/ETH trading pairs.

5. NFT pledging reward 5%

Users holding Melee Game as well as Hero of Rarity can be rewarded with tokens by pledging them.

6. Core team 10%

The team members are integral to the development of Monster and are also driving the vision of the Rarity meta-universe to fruition. The tokens held by the team will be locked for one year and released monthly linearly over a two-year period. The monthly release also requires a prerequisite, the amount of player interaction with the monster contract as an indicator, if not met will lose the reward for the month. At the same time this month’s rewards will be sent to the DAO treasury. (Detailed assessment details will be announced later).

7. Foundation reserve 5%

The usage of the Foundation reserve is managed and overseen by MeleeDAO. It includes, but is not limited to, providing community grant sponsorship, expanding the developer community, building the ecosystem, providing operating funds or grants, creating collaborations, etc.

The Foundation reserve initially holds 500,000,000 MELEE. It will be unlocked linearly over 36 months from launch.

8. Airdrop 1%

To thank all explorers who have participated in the Monster game, and to Rarity’s growing partners, we have decided to do an airdrop. Initially, the airdrop will be send in phases in order to avoid too much pressure on liquidity pool. The airdrop you get will not be locked and can be traded in a free way. (Please wait for an article to be published in the coming days for specific details of the airdrop)

Initial circulation

The initial circulation is only 100,000,000 MELEE, and the circulation will not exceed 200,000,000 MELEE within three months.









Melee is the community-powered companion that fuels your fire for gaming.

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Melee is the community-powered companion that fuels your fire for gaming.

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